Natural gentle birth

Assisting a woman to conceive and give birth
is not just a job but a labor of love

Every woman deserves to give birth in a place where she feels safe, comfortable and supported. Midwifery is guiding with insight and knowledge, by guiding through the Heart. Birthing is a natural powerful process and we have to learn to trust and let go of fears. Birth does not have to mean suffering. Birth can be gentle and peaceful, by fully surrendering, breathing through the process and accepting the process. Birth is a very intense moment in Life. It's essential to have Faith and trust Nature.

The secret of Birth is letting go, accepting the situation as it is and fully surrendering, simply breathing through the process, without any thought. Surrender…

The Art of Midwifery is to guide by being still, pure presence, observing and guiding through the Heart, with as less as possible medical interventions; to support women in their authentic feminine power and to reconnect to their own strength and authenticity.

Surrender We can reconnect to the natural power of our feminine strength by reconnecting to the female body and our authenticity.